Calendar Integration with Odoo9 – New API

Login to Odoo as the Administrator

Go to ​Apps​ ­>  ​Apps clear App filter & Search for google_calendar module ​You will see  ​Google Calendar​ Module Install it.

Calendar Integration with Odoo-1

Connect to your google account go to
In Google API Manager click on Calendar API & Enable to it.

Calendar Integration with Odoo-2

On Google API Console on browse left side in Development Console selection box Create Project.
In Project Name​ enter whatever you want, e.g. CalendarSync & Click on Create button.

Calendar Integration with Odoo-3

In the menu on the left click on ​Credentials to Create OAuth Client ID.
In Authorized redirect URL enter domain plus the OAuth Path.

Calendar Integration with Odoo-4

Click on create button new popup will be arise with Client ID & Client Secret.

Calendar Integration with Odoo-5

Now copy paste your Google Client ID & Client Secret in General Setting menu of Odoo.Calendar Integration with Odoo-6

Click on Apply button.


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