We at Mars IT solutions, make sure that your web app runs smoothly and give the end user a flawless user experience.

We influence our rich technology as well as domain expertise to present software product engineering to innovate, launch, develop and maintain a large product at reduced costs. Making use of jQuery UI and jQuery plug-ins we develop a good-looking visual design with minimum time spent.

Javascript Based Development

Today’s business wants websites, which are more dynamic as well as complex. No one is interested in simple static websites; thus developing such websites is getting more complicated. To overcome such complications JavaScript framework is being used. JavaScript framework contains plenty of JavaScript libraries. Some of them are discussed below:

AngularJS is a JavaScript library based on MVC pattern. AngularJS simplifies code and allows automatic synchronization of models and views.

Knockout is a popular JavaScript library that allows developers to create rich, responsive, and desktop. It is also open source and it allows developers to create new declarative bindings with a very few lines of code.

Underscore is just tiny JavaScript utility library with many built in functions. It provides more instinctive and brief code.

Twitter Bootstrap
Bootstrap is the most popular open source front end library. Bootstrap contains several JavaScript components in the form of JQuery plugins and using Bootstrap designing a responsive website becomes very easy as it provides clean and uniform solutions for building interface.

jQuery Based Development

Mars IT Solutions is one of the finest choices when it comes to JQuery Web App Development. We are adept at JQuery web applications, including other web development services. Our years of committed experience in developing apps and websites, makes us stand apart.

JQuery makes the client-side scripting of HTML effortless. This is across the browser or multi-browser JavaScript library. The JQuery is used by the largest number of websites all across the globe, and is currently one of the most preferred JavaScript libraries. This feature-rich JavaScript library makes HTML document event handling, and animation exceptionally easy to use. APIs work across many browsers with the help of JQuery functions and modules. At Mars IT Solutions, our programmers use, flexibility and lightweight codes effectively, to develop not only strong, but the efficient JQuery UI foundation as well as a JQuery.

 What Mars It Solution Offers

  • Interactive Web Design
  • Cross Browser Compatible Websites
  • Web Applications Development
  • User Friendly Websites
  • Real Time Web Applications
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Deployment of Website

Our skilled programmers and developers use of Javascript and jQuery to create the most effective and desirable web  applications. Mars IT Solutions offer a wide range of other IT related support and services.

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