The latest version of Odoo and it is the web builder, which comes with the functionalities to develop a world-class website with complete SEO.

Odoo is the complete ERP suite of open source business and it enables businesses to take their projects to the next level. The future only belongs to those, who have identified the hidden potentials of the market and capitalize on it. With the release of the latest edition of Odoo, the version 8.0, things have changed drastically. Now Odoo aims to solve each and every problem of the businesses. The latest version contains business operation apps, front-end apps, marketing apps, human resource apps, productivity apps, sales management apps and many more.

What Makes Odoo the first and foremost choice

  • Open source
  • Quickly adaptable
  • User friendly experience.
  • Fully Integrated System
  • Covering Complex needs of Customers

In-depth Knowledge and extensive experience of Odoo Development, Customization and Implementation

Our Odoo Services

Our ERP system is especially customized and tailored to fulfill the requirement of your industry, it does not only address the current requirements of your organization, but also delivers the opportunity of incessantly improving as well as refining your business process.

Most of the organizations across the globe believed that in a rapidly changing environment, it is next to impossible to develop and maintain a pure custom designed package that caters to all their requirements and be completely up to date. Understanding this actual need, Mars IT Solution is offering an integrated software solution to all the functions of an organization.

Mars IT Solutions has the strong potential and capability to understand your unique business requirements and customize the each module such as Accounting/Finance, POS, HR Management, Project Management, Procurement, Warehouse and many more.

Our Odoo Helpline goals to help all new comers, who have started using Odoo functional or technical. Through our Odoo helpline service, we make sure that the users get thoroughgoing productivity from their use of Odoo. We will provide you detailed guidelines whether it is installation, configuration or Customization. We are offering Helpline Service through the following modes:

  • Skype
  • Telephone
  • Remote Access


At Mars IT Solution, you will receive Odoo training from skillful experts of Odoo Domain. This training is dedicated to integrator as well as end users who want to get better functional along with technical understanding of Odoo/Open ERP. We provide Customized training plans that are suitable according to your specific requirements. You can have this Odoo training at your place or at our office premises through the remote sessions.

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