Education solution with Moral Values

A school management solution can make things at ease weather it is students, library records, payroll, fees and examination management or it is anything for learning and education management. We Mars Solution help Colleges and universities through our custom Odoo ERP Solutions. Mars education ERP is a suitable answer for associations that involve clear as well as auditable controls and an aggregate domain for assisting enlightening changes and that is to jump forward in various training fields.

Mars Solution is the perfect blend of expertise in sourcing, technology and innovation to deliver solutions for enhancing the quality efficiency and innovation in education. We provide operational solutions, which will help to build a complete technological environment in education and unfold all the possibilities in the future. Additionally our learning and education solution is a suite consolidating and it is a one-stop answer for every one of the clients – understudies, resources, administrator, graduated class, and so forth. Odoo ERP is a fast get to and redesigned data as to exams, consistent notification, affirmations, essential announcements, study materials, et cetera facilitates the standard torment and spares a great deal of time.

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Kindergartens
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Training intuitions
  • Online schools
  • Campus
Web portals along with mobility solutions

for pervasive classes, E-learning, assessment solutions etc

In an accurate manner to manage school, college; any instructive foundation without an impeccable programming arrangement in the present times is difficult, same on account of any ventures or business. Subsequently a proper arrangement is required that can assure a smooth working of the association overall, and with Mars Solution ERP, this issue can essentially be settled.

Why Mars Solution

  • Experience the latest and active technology for the education
  • Complete enterprise solutions to build an efficient technical environment for the education
  • Web portals along with mobility solutions for pervasive classes, E-learning, assessment solutions etc
  • Integrated digital technologies for the learning revolutions
  • Experience the helpful methodologies, applications as well as strategies to make sure automatic updates of quality education

So what are you waiting for? Discuss your business requirements with us and we will come up with something great for you.

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