Healthcare is an essential requirement of our time, though we know that healthcare issues are all around the world

In terms of affordability, prevention, prescription and patient-centrality all over the world, yet the required solutions are not comprehensive. Mars Solution provides the best regulatory solutions as well as practices that enrich operational efficiency as well as facilitate better health care models around the world.

The healthcare solutions we provide at Mars Solution, deal with the pressure of the business regulatory demands. We provide operational as well as active healthcare solutions that helps to build and innovate tomorrow’s healthcare industry in a better way.


Why Odoo Hospital Management

Odoo ERP Hospital Management Module is highly scalable, centralized Hospital Information System (HIS) for doctors and institutions. Making use of Odoo ERP Health management, we cover the following features:

  • Appointments
  • Electronic medical record
  • Medicals
  • Patient Hospitalization Administration
  • Laboratory details
  • Billing and financial accounting
  • Outpatient and inpatient management
  • New Born Management
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy related stock moves
  • Nursing Rounding
  • Intensive Care unit management.
  • Reporting

What Mars Solution Offers

  • We provide IT solutions to revamp your healthcare enterprise
  • An accurate as well as efficient healthcare analytics to keep the patient’s health recording system along with the business aptitude to improve the healthcare solutions
  • Providing regulatory models to generate this industry more dynamic
  • Well defined real-time patient monitoring system for healthcare management
  • Complete CRM system for healthcare providers as well as enterprise
  • Web portals along with mobility solutions to comprise IT services
  • Customizable software as per requirements for the efficient health care models
  • Providing applications as well as active practices for automatic updates of test results and reports.
Mars Solution specializes in delivering advanced solutions

Specially designed for the healthcare industry.

Mars Solution specializes in delivering advanced solutions specially designed for the healthcare industry.

Our enterprise business solutions give healthcare professionals secure access to the sensitive information. So what are you waiting for? Discuss your business requirements with us and we will come up with something great for you.

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