This module allows you all future to give your vehicle(car) on rent contract bases.

To rent vehicles(car) you can create contract two level.
1. Company
2. Individual.
Car Rental Solutions on Odoo ERP address Booking Management, Vehicle and Driver Allocation, Vehicle Availability, Purchase and Asset management, Price Management, Payroll and Accounts Management, which are key aspects in the business.

Solutions also provide rented car reports as well daily, final invoice report, Vehicle wise depreciation and Vehicle productivity, their damage control which can be used by management for strategic decisions.

Auto invoicing facility will give a big relief of tracking and invoicing individually. Advance, on completion and monthly invoicing as per the rules.

Able to contain two driver full information by containing their licence number, Id doc number, expiry date, contact detail, Sponsor detail and many more.

Display car information Branch, Class, Group wise, Selecting particular car display their
full information like Price, Odometer, Plate no., Stage etc.

Fleet : Contract & PlanningR3
– Complete fleet automation control.
– Display current vehicle New, Available, Reserved, Rented, Damage status.
– Vehicle distribution particular Branch, Class, Group wise.
– Support vehicle transfer during continue contract.
– Unique vehicle id & Track odometer.
– Display vehicle making year, color, image etc.
– Track vehicles used Branch Staff.
– Support fleet planning, fleet distribution & fleet control.
– Display image damage part of vehicle.
– Track complete vehicle history that include transactions, services and damages.

– Check availability of driver.
– Maintain driver full information.
– Licence Number, Unique ID number,
– Define Sponsor information
& Many more Information..

Purchase & Assets
– Purchase number of vehicle or their parts with single PO.
– Define Salvage value, Asset category of particular vehicle.
– Define initial account for every vehicle.
– Calculate Analytic distribution.
– Create vehicle Asset automatically on confirmation of PO.
– Count vehicle depreciation automatically.
– Maintain depreciation board.

– Provide vehicles(car) on rent Monthly & Daily bases.
– Advance payment
– Generate automatic invoice after completion 24 hours of particular contract.
– Analytic Distribution branch, vehicle wise.
– Final invoice with damage, over due amount.
– Monthly vehicle  depreciation calculation.
– Automatic calculate extra KMs, Hours, Days & their relevant charges
– Enable to maintain damage control(By displaying image)


Reason for choosing rent contract management system.

– Easy Fleet Management.
– Define five level security.
– Field, Menu level security available.
– Multiple Location Management.
– Five-Level security available.
– Multiple Country Locations.
– Multiple Currencies and Languages possible.
– Integrate with COA.
– Flexible licensing options.
– Maintain Asset, Account, HR, Purchase flow.
– Flexible to maintain overdue service, vehicles.

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