Configurable : Generate Automatic Tree View.

This module allow you to create automatic tree view of any Object(Model) with proper Access Rights & Defining their Parent Menu.

To create automatic tree view Go to Setting / General Setting / You will see Tree View menu.

Generate Automatic Tree View.

(1) Menu : Write your Menu name.

(2) User : For which user you want to display this menu select that particular user.

(3) Parent Menu : Under which menu you want to display your new menu.

(4) Menu order : Your menu Number of Position.

(5) Object : For which Object(Model) you want to create Tree View. Select it.

(6) Fields : Select field which you want to display in Tree View.

(7) Groups : Select group, If selected user belongs from this group than it will see the menu.

Generate Automatic Tree View-2

After configuration Save it & You will see selected Object(Model) Tree View Menu will be automatically created.

Generate Automatic Tree View-3

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