Google contact 2way Sync


This module will do 2way contact sync with Odoo and Google.


How does this module work?


Create a Partner.
In partner view by default “Is Google Contact” field is true. If it’s true then by creating, updating Odoo partner it will automatically create/update google contact with multiple configurable users in Odoo. If “Is Google Contact” field false then it will not go for sync contact.



Multi-User Sync.
It will show you that with how many user Odoo contact is sync. (To sync with multi-user you have to do Google contact configuration in user view.)


Sync Feature.
Installation Future.
– Creating / Updating record it will update in Google contact with multi-users.
– Deleting Odoo contact it will also delete google contact record from all users.
– Updating “Is Google Contact” field it will create/update/delete the record.
– Sync photo two way, Odoo-google contact and Google contacts to Odoo
– Sync Odoo fields: Name, Company, Address, Job, Phone, Mobile, Email, Website, Title, Note.
– Base on the Tages field it will create a Google contact group.
– In Google contact also show you “Odoo URL” to redirect in Odoo.


Sync multi-record.
From partner list view you are also able to synchronize multi-record


Fetch contact Google to Odoo.
Fetch fields: Photo, name, address, phone, mobile, email, job, website.



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